Collision with a warning

I was driving through town early one morning and collided with a roadworks sign that someone had thrown into the road.  It caused £350.00 worth of damage to my car.  Shouldn’t these signs be fastened down?

The roadworks in question were between two pubs and two schools, but when I spoke to the company concerned they just said it was vandalism and there was nothing they could do about it.  KL

The company is obviously aware that its property is being vandalised and could present a danger to road users.  So a court might think that it should have taken reasonable precautions to prevent the vandalism, perhaps by securing the signs into blocks of concrete. 

However unless you have legal expenses insurance with your motor policy it’s unlikely to be cost effective to pursue this for the amount of money involved.  It could get complicated if there was a suggestion that you were driving too fast.

Can she ask for more?

My wife left me recently.  We each own a house, and she has a tidy sum in investments, policies, premium bonds and the like. 

Before she went I volunteered for redundancy, and am due to receive a lump sum and pension soon.  Will she have any claim on these, and how will the rest of our assets be divided up?  PC

All the assets owned by you and your wife together with your respective incomes, pension entitlements and possible inheritance prospects are taken into account.

If you cannot agree then mediation may be an option.  If that is not successful then the decision can be made by the court.  The court has the power to order the transfer of assets and the sharing of pensions. The court strives to reach a fair settlement taking into account a list of factors relating to your past contributions and future needs.