Left behind

I was married for 26 years.  My husband left me three years ago for a woman with young children and last year they bought a house together.  He says he has no money to help me, but while I spent last Christmas in a flat on income support he took the family to Spain for the fourth time.  My children won’t tell me his new address, so I can’t divorce him.  What can I do?  KL

You can probably find out his new address with a little detective work.  If he has a job you could follow him home!  Alternatively a solicitor will ask a tracing agency to find him.

You could seek a divorce based on either adultery, unreasonable behaviour or desertion, and you will be able to sort out your financial affairs at the same time.  If your husband has spent your joint assets on a house which is providing a home for young children it may add complications, but you may well be entitled to capital and/or maintenance.  See a solicitor as soon as possible.

Spare telly

I bought a £500.00 widescreen TV on finance.  They couldn’t get it tuned in properly, and after they’d made several attempts they agreed to take it back. I informed the finance company, which closed my account, but the shop says it won’t reimburse me until they’ve picked the TV up.  To date they haven’t done so.  Can I charge them for storage?  EC

Speak to the manager and arrange a time for the TV to be collected.
If they fail to pick it up I suggest you write letting them know that you intend making a claim against them in the County Court unless you are reimbursed within, say, 10 days.

I don’t think you’ll get away with a storage fee, but you can charge them interest on your money from the date you take out a claim.  It might be easier to take it back yourself!