Holiday tumble

While on holiday in Cyprus my wife had a nasty fall on a tiled path in the hotel grounds.  The tiles had been badly laid, and she tripped over a ridge and suffered a black eye and bruised cheekbone and jaw. 

We reported the incident to the hotel management and also to the travel reps, who made out an accident report.  What would be a fair amount in compensation?  SI

Although the tour operator can be held responsible for errors and omissions on the part of its agents it wouldn’t necessarily be obliged to check paths in the hotel grounds.  Assuming the hotel isn’t owned by the tour operator you may have to bring a claim against the hotel.  The terms of the holiday contract and the local safety laws would be important. 

Whether you could justify the cost of bringing such a case would depend on the extent of your wife’s injuries and the amount of compensation she could expect.  See a solicitor specialising in personal injury cases.

So much to give

I am never likely to reach the inheritance tax threshold, but I would like to pass on some money now to my children.  Are there any limits to the amount I can give?  JM

There’s no limit to how much you can give away, but if you give more than the £3,000.00 annual allowance and then die within seven years, the extra may attract inheritance tax if the gift would have taken you over the IHT threshold.  As you may be aware, an unused annual allowance can be rolled over for one year, and gifts out of income can also be made free of IHT if they can be treated as normal expenditure.  In addition to the annual exemption, gifts in any one tax year of less than £250.00 to any one person are exempt, as are some gifts to couples getting married.