Blast from past

My husband had his employment contract terminated because of something he left off his security clearance form.  It was something that happened when he was 14, that is 30 years ago.  Can this be right?  DJ

Most convictions become spent after a period of time under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.  In practice this means you may not have to mention them when applying for a job or a mortgage for instance.  However the spent conviction will not be removed from the records, and the act does not apply to certain jobs.  If your husband was working with children for example and his conviction was relevant, his employers will have received information about it from the Criminal Records Bureau.  If he has been employed by them for less than a year they can sack him on a week’s notice without giving a reason unless his employment contract says differently.

What a shower

I moved into a newly-built house six months ago.  I paid £1,750 extra for an en-suite bathroom but the work is unsatisfactory.  Half a wall is missing, there’s no shower door, they’ve put in chrome shower taps and gold sink taps and so on.  What do you recommend I do?  VC

You don’t say what their response has been to your complaints so far, but in the first instance make sure you contact the right people and compile a list of remedial work you want carried out.  Presumably you have a plan which shows what you were promised for your money.  Keep copies of all correspondence and give them, say, three weeks in which to complete the work.  If you have an NHBC warranty you should contact them. If all else fails you can threaten to get another tradesman in to finish the job and sue the building firm for what it costs you.