Job-switch trick

I was promised an extra £1,000 if I switched to a different job in the firm.
I asked for the salary increase in writing, but the manager just said I would have to take her word for it. 

However, they have now gone back on this, and they won’t let me return to my old job where I was earning bonuses of up to £150 a month.  It’s costing me money to do a stressful job which nobody wants!  What can I do?  NB

If you have any evidence that you were offered the £1,000 you could claim unpaid wages at an employment tribunal.  However if you don’t I suggest you use the firm’s grievance procedure.  Make sure everything is in writing, and put it to your manager that, since the increase didn’t materialise, there was no change to your employment contract and you intend to resume your old job. 

If you insist on this and it looks like you could be sacked you should see a solicitor with a view to claiming compensation for constructive dismissal.  You should take advice about your chances of success and what amount of compensation may be involved before doing anything drastic such as leaving your job.

House share

I’m divorced, and as part of the financial settlement my husband was allocated 25 per cent of the house and a charge has been registered against the property to reflect this.  This is due to come into effect on my death, but what would happen if my ex-husband died before me?  AD

I think it’s more likely that the charge will take effect and your ex-husband will receive his share when you either die, remarry or if the house comes to be sold.  Check the wording of the order. 

If your husband is no longer alive at that point, his share in the property will go to his nearest and dearest, like any other possession.  It’s something he could leave to someone in his will.