All in the mind

I am a widower and I have met a woman who is a widow.  We live together in a three-bedroomed detached house.  We would like to get married, but her family have power of attorney over her property.  Can this be undone, or is it final?  She is of sound mind!  LS

It depends to some extent what type of power of attorney has been granted.  There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney: one giving authority over financial affairs, the other over personal affairs.  Then there’s the older Enduring Power.  Were any restrictions placed on the powers by your friend?  Have they been registered with the Office of the Public Guardian?  The mental health charity MIND has an adviceline you can ring for further information on 0300-4666463.   If your friend still has capacity, she should be able to revoke the Power of Attorney.

Fall guy

Two years ago I had an accident at work, where the ladder I was on I slipped and I fractured my hip.  Then recently I was knocked off a stepladder and fractured my foot. I was on crutches for three months, and I’m told I may need surgery at some stage.  My benefit from work runs out shortly.  Am I entitled to a redundancy payment if my employment is terminated?  SH

There are a number of Health and Safety guidelines concerning the use of ladders at work, and to have had two accidents might suggest that your employers are not following them.  If that’s the case you may well have a claim against your employers for compensation, and you would be advised to see a solicitor specialising in work-related accident cases immediately as there is a three-year limitation period for bringing a claim.
It’s possible you will have a claim for unfair dismissal if you are sacked.