We regret it has been necessary to close the door of the office once again during the National Lockdown, not only to ensure the welfare of our clients but also that of all our dedicated staff and to assist in the on-going effort to fight the virus. The key workers will work behind closed doors but most others will work from home.  We can be contacted by phone, email or letter so that there is minimum disruption to our services.

If you have a pre-arranged screened appointment, please ring the office on 0161 624 5614 when you arrive outside the office and you will be given further guidance.  Please remember that masks must be worn before you enter the building and for the duration of your appointment.

For further assistance or guidance on existing matters, please contact the office on 0161 624 5614, email your previous points of contact or for new enquires contact us on [email protected]

We very much appreciate your support and understanding in these challenging times but will do everything possible to provide help where necessary.