Just a second

My daughter is marrying an Australian over here this summer.  Because of the distance and cost involved, not many members of his family will be able to attend the wedding.  They wonder if the couple can have two weddings one in this country and one in Australia.  Is this possible?  RV

I’m not sure what the position is in Australia, but in this country it is possible to have a second ceremony and have the marriage registered at the General Register Office.

Couples have been known to do this when reaffirming their vows, although people are generally advised against embarking on a second ceremony in case it puts a question mark over the first one and causes legal complications.  However, in your daughter’s case it could well provide the solution.

Funny money

A friend picked up some foreign currency for me and they gave him the wrong exchange rate, thinking it was a different currency.

Now they want the money back that they overpaid, and are asking for my bank details.  Do I have to pay them back?  KT

Probably.  If you were unaware of the mistake and spent the money, relying on the bureau’s calculations, you might have a defence against the bank or bureau on the basis that you were worse off because of their error.  Unless the amount involved was substantial they may not pursue it very far.