Cost of learning

Is there a cut-off point beyond which you no longer have to pay child maintenance?

My daughter is 21, has completed her degree and is threatening to take her father to court because he doesn’t want to pay another year while she does a master’s degree.  It seems to be taking things too far.  JC

If your ex-husband has been paying maintenance under a court order he could probably have stopped three years ago!

Maintenance via the Child Support Agency ends the week before the child’s 19th birthday, as long as the child has been in full-time education up to that point.  Full-time education is only up to A-level.  After that it is possible for either the child or the ‘resident parent’ to apply to the court for the maintenance to continue.

In your case it could be that the court would decide that your ex-husband has paid his dues: it would certainly want to know whether your daughter had investigated the possibility of taking out a student loan.

Don’t ignore the paperwork

My son sold his car to a friend six months ago, leaving him to complete the
V5 registration document, which he hasn’t done. 
Consequently we have received parking fines totalling nearly £300. 

My son told the DVLA three months later that he’d sold the vehicle and he is refusing the pay the parking fines, but the bailiffs aren’t interested.  What should he do?  EH

Your son should pay up, and sue the ‘friend’ in the County Court for the money.  I bet he didn’t get a dated receipt when he sold the car either, in which case the judge will have to decide the truth of the matter.

The local authority won’t be interested in the complexities of the case:
they just want payment, and since your son ignored the law on completing the V5 he’s really only got himself to blame.