Will she get my injury cash?

I had an accident at work and received a substantial amount of money in compensation for my injuries.  My wife and I are currently getting divorced.  Will I have to share my injury compensation money with my wife?  CL

If you can’t agree a financial settlement with your wife you may have to let a Court decide how you will divide your assets when you split up.

It’s likely that you were awarded compensation not just for your pain and suffering but also to help you through difficulties resulting from the injuries you received.  If for instance you are now partially disabled the Court will take this into account, among other things, in deciding how much each of you need when you go your separate ways.

See a solicitor specialising in matrimonial work to help you negotiate a fair settlement.  You may well be referred by the solicitor for a mediation, which could avoid you both having to go to court to resolve matters.

Blind exit

My daughter lives on a busy road. Her neighbour parks two vans outside his house, which completely obliterate the view of anyone in a car leaving my daughter¹s drive. What is the law about vehicles parked in such a dangerous manner?  RK

You can park more or less where you like on public roads as long as you don’t cause an obstruction and you obey any parking restrictions in force.
No-one has a legal right to park on a public road, however, and the police have the power to enforce the public right to pass and repass over every part of it and can prosecute anyone for obstructing the highway.

In the interests of good relations your daughter should discuss the problem with her neighbour and ask him to park elsewhere.  If this fails she should talk to her community policeman.