We are very happy to report that the Will Week scheme, in which we participated in support of St Anne’s Hospice, has been a great success. The response received from the public has been extremely positive, and the level of interest far greater than in any previous year.

The main benefit of the scheme, which offers clients the opportunity to make a charitable donation in lieu of professional fees, is that it not only raises awareness for a very worthy cause, but that it also generates much needed financial support. In addition the scheme highlights the importance of making a Will and provides the perfect opportunity to do so. Many people simply may not find the time to make a Will, or may not fully appreciate the consequences of failing to do so.

It is important to remember that if you die without leaving a valid Will you are deemed to have died ‘intestate’. In this instance you will have no influence as to who benefits from your Estate, and instead this will be governed by the intestacy rules. This potentially means that the people you would like to benefit upon your death may be overlooked, or that others may not receive the amounts that you would have hoped. Your wishes can only be implemented if there is a clear, concise and properly drafted Will in place to offer guidance to your personal representatives after you have gone.

If you were unable to utilise our Will drafting services as part of this year’s Will Week scheme, but are nevertheless interested in dealing with this very important issue, please contact the Department Secretary, Rebecca Milburn, on 0161 785 3809 to arrange an appointment.