We are once again delighted to be supporting St Ann’s Hospice Will Week as it is such a worthy cause.  People don’t always realise that if they don’t make a Will there are rules of law which set out who will inherit their Estate. This may mean that their assets do not necessarily go where they would like.

For example, from the 1st February 2009, for married couples with children, only the first £250,000 passes to the surviving spouse.  Of the residue, half will pass to the children with the surviving spouse only receiving a life interest in the other half. With current  house prices and for people in second marriages, the best way to ensure that what you leave behind goes exactly where you want it to go is to write a Will or update an existing one.

The Will Week Scheme enables people to have a Will prepared and at the same time benefit an extremely worthy cause. Under the terms of the Scheme we will prepare a simple Will for a client, then instead of us receiving a fee the client makes a donation, through ourselves, to the Hospice. In 2008 the Scheme raised £32,250.00 for the Hospice.

If you would be interested in having a Will prepared under the Scheme please contact the Department Secretary, Rebecca Milburn on 0161 785 3809 to arrange an appointment.